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LIttle Dragons Karate (ages 4-7)

Even though times are tough, my husband, Chris, & I have felt the importance of keeping our daughter, Katie, in Karate. Katie continues to learn the art of self defense, respect, self control, and the desire to continue to advance and improve in this sport. The teachers at CMAI are wonderful examples of all the principles that they teach, their enthusiasm is contagious, and the students all strive hard to make them proud. . From daily class, to movie night, B-day parties, there just isn't a better environment for our children to be in ~Chris & Sherl Baldwin

Dragons Karate (ages 8-12)

The teachers at CMAI are clearly dedicated martial artists, who , as mentors and role models, instill disciplined appreciation for what it really means to attain master in the art of self-defense. Our son loves going to class, respects his teachers and the tradition, and has developed confidence in his learning. ~ Ken & Robin Lakritz

Okinawan Karate (ages 13+)

Having know Sensei Johnson for a good 7 years and having been his student that whole time, I can tell you that I would be hard pressed to find any teacher, be it in martial arts or life, that is more effective in his methods. I had major self esteem issues as a young teenager and when I started learning under him, those problems were replaced with an unwavering confidence and amazing sense of self. Now I can honestly say that I am a perfectly happy individual and not only thanks to a great teacher but also a great friend. ~ Emma Muehl

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