Tai Chi Chuan
Ages 13+

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Tai Chi Chuan is good for both young and old. Circulation, balance, and coordination are improved, while better posture and smoother, more relaxed movement is developed.

Tai Chi Chuan is noted for its reputation as a healing exercise and moving meditation since its actions comply with many theories of Chinese health and medicine.

Because Tai Chi Chuan is done slowly, it focuses on relaxation and proper habits in posture, breathing and mind body coordination.

Yang Tai Chi Chuan in the Fu Zhong Wen tradition is taught at California Martial Arts.

In the group class we focus on:
- Yang Tai Chi Chuan Forms
- Chen Tai Chi Chuan Forms
- Tai Chi Chuan Weapon Forms
- Chi Gung and Nei Gung
- Wudong Tai Chi and Chi Gung

More benefits can be found in the article, Taijiquan in the Modern World.

Anyone 17 or younger must have parent sign waiver.

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