Shaolin Praying Mantis Kung Fu
Ages 13+

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Our Shaolin Mantis Kung Fu encompasses hard & soft theories, striking, kicking, trapping, locking, throwing and ground techniques. Classes offer a fun & challenging workout in addition to teaching unarmed techniques, forms, weapons training, etiquette, & history.

Anyone 17 or younger must have parent sign waiver.

Mantis Reunion, November 2010

Top, from left: Steve Brumme, Eric Scudder, Elliot Todd, Ed McMillan, Peter Mistretta, Louie Rowley, Josh Goessling, Tony Johnson, Hank Hardister, Dyllan Todd, Cory Moore, Rusty Stephey

Middle-top: Lilly Anne Beatty, Larry Edwards, Julie Antonelli, Sifu Jim Suits, Sifu Tim McFarland, Sifu Aaron Beatty, Dylan Wier, Danny Steele, Linda Wilson, George Gadda

Middle-bottom: Danielle Beatty, Andy Suits, Scott Blood, Bob Freeland Jr, Lilly Freeland, Ryan Bigarani, Fernando Molinar, Ron Suits, Eric Kunz

Bottom: Dennis Hernando, Simo Crysta McFarland, Si-Hing David Jackson, Stacey Scudder, Dylan Pencil

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