Okinawan Karate
Ages 13+

okinawan karate martial artsokinawan karate martial arts

The art of Okinawan Karate has many aspects: technique, forms, fighting, fitness, history and philosophy. At California Martial Arts, we emphasize the art as a whole, creating personal and physical growth in students. We teach both Shorin-ryu and Goju-ryu. We also practice ancient weaponry, and unarmed techniques.

Karate is a great workout, it also builds coordination, discipline, and a strong mind.

Anyone 17 or younger must have parent sign waiver.

Article - A Brief History of Karate

Appropriate maturity between belt ranks at minimum time. For the average time, add two months to chart.

Karate Class

White to Yellow - 2 months
Yellow to Green - 4 months
Green to Blue - 6 months
Blue to Purple - 6 months
Purple to Brown 3 - 6 months
Brown 3 to Brown 2 - 8 months
Brown 2 to Brown 1- 8 months
Brown 1 to Black 1- 12 months

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