Dragons Karate
Ages 8 - 13

childrens kids karatechildrens kids karate

The Dragons program is dedicated to teaching children basic concepts of etiquette, history, philosophy, self-defense & exercise. This program helps develop dexterity of movement as well as discipline, patience, teamwork, and listening skills. They learn Okinawan Karate (Goju-ryu and Shorin-ryu) as well as basic punches, kicks, and blocks.

Our highly structured children's program teaches children invaluable life skills for success in everything they do.

All children 17 or younger must have parent sign waiver.

Appropriate maturity between belt ranks at minimum time. For the average time, add two months to chart.

Karate Class

White to Yellow - 2 months
Yellow to Green - 4 months
Green to Blue - 6 months
Blue to Purple - 6 months
Purple to Brown 3 - 6 months
Brown 3 to Brown 2 - 8 months
Brown 2 to Brown 1- 8 months
Brown 1 to Black 1- 12 months

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